Where do you source your herbs from? 

Zuma’s Oasis partners with local and international vendors to provide human and environmentally friendly products. Our herbs are sourced from a domestic co-op that specializes in the cultivation of organic and ethically sourced herbal products. 

Are the herbs edible? 

Yes, unless otherwise stated to be toxic, all Zuma’s Oasis herbs are Certified USDA Organic. Our herbs are never sprayed with harmful chemicals. 

How much herbs do I need to make tea? 

The general rule is that you will need 1 tablespoon of herbs or tea bled for every 8oz of water. The average tea cup is around 6-8oz. We also offer a scoop and biodegradable tea bags that can help take the guesswork out of tea making. 

How do you burn resin incense? 

Resins are the solid form of tree and plant saps that have hardened. To burn resins as incense, you will need a fire safe container, a lighter, and a charcoal disc. If you need any of these items, they can be found here! Using tongs, light your charcoal disc, once sparks begin to fly from the disc, it is lit. Carefully place the disc in the burner, and sprinkle a little resin on the center of the disc, you will see smoke begin to rise almost immediately. 

How do you use herbs in a bath?

Herbs can be infused into your bath water by creating a bath tea bag or placing the herbs directly into your bath. Zuma’s Oasis provides pre-made herbal baths. If you’d like to make your own, you can find bath safe herbs and bath tea bags here. 

How to make an herbal infusion?

Herbal infusions come in a variety of forms including teas, oils, and tinctures. If you'd like to start making your own herbal infusions, check out this guide!