The Air Element

The Air Element

The Air element embodies all things that are not easily contained or categorized.

Higher consciousness, complex thought, time, ideas, and space - all of these are energies that are constantly around us working invisibly to help things to take shape... while having little to no tangible shape of their own. That is the essence of air, it is quiet and gentle and can easily go unnoticed or taken for granted. However, as many of us know, no living thing can last long without air.

Not all means of survival are things that can be seen or touched. Air feeds our minds through imagination, ideating, planning, and the pursuit of wisdom. Air elevates our spirits through raising consciousness, exploration of time and space, creativity, and connection to the higher self. Finally, air is a fundamental element that is needed for our body to function. Breath work helps to improve the health of your lungs, tissues, and circulatory system. 

Key: Thought, intellect, ideas, creativity, planning, self-awareness, levels of consciousness, divination, imagination, logic, communication, ideals, philosophy, time, space, wisdom, breath, release, contemplation, elevation, heaven, ascension, the unknown, complicated thought, fogginess, dreamy.


    Expression: Masculine


    Acacia, Lavender, Mullein, Chicory, Mint, Almond, Parsley, Pine, Marjoram, Hazel, Fern, Dandelion and Clover.

    Tarot: Swords or Wands 

    Chakra: Heart - Anahata 

    Colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Pastels 

    Crystals: Amethyst and Clear Quartz 

    Planets: Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn 

    Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

    Direction: East

    Sense: Touch

    Deities: Nyame, Obatala, Oya, Tehuti (Thoth), Shu, Hapi, the Holy Spirit

    Natural Expressions: 

    • Spring 
    • Wind
    • Breeze
    • Tornado
    • Breath


    • Feathers
    • Incense 
    • Smoke 
    • Sword 
    • Bell 
    • Chimes 
    • Wands
    • Wind Instruments 
    • Fan 

    How to Connect to the Air Element: 

    A great way to build the foundations of your relationship with air is to practice breath work. Practices like: 

    - Breath Meditations

    - Centering 

    - Aromatherapy 

    - Incense Crafting 

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